BPS2000 monitoring power distribution unit





Monitoring of electrical parameters, distribution and control of powered equipment in the server room environment are among the most important aspects of achieving high reliability. Knowledge in this area is the key to a reliable Data Center.


BPS2000 is a new power distribution unit for power distribution, monitoring and analysis of electrical parameters at input/per phase. It is equipped with a control and monitoring module which enables supervision and control of electrical parameters of the power supply with access via a web browser, SNMP protocol or ModBus RTU protocol.

The web interface is created in Polish and English, and the control and measurement module is made in hot-swappable technology, thanks to which it is possible to replace it during normal operation of the unit.


One of the key electrical parameters that the unit monitors continuously include:


  • input voltage [V]
  • current load [A]
  • active power [kW]
  • reactive power [VA] 
  • apparent power [VAR]
  • energy consumption/energy meter [kWh] 
  • power factor [PF]
  • frequency [Hz]


It is also possible to monitor temperature and humidity, e.g. in a server cabinet, after connecting an integrated T/H sensor.


Reading the above parameters from the level of a web browser, SNMP or Modbus protocol gives unlimited possibilities of integration of BPS2000 series units with BKT's System Manager or with any BMS system of other manufacturers.





Collecting power consumption data in a server rack using the BPS2000 unit can significantly help reduce the cost of energy consumption, which also has an impact on power usage effectiveness.


The BPS2000 unit is available in one-phase and three-phase version with total load capacity from 16A to 63A for each phase, with sockets in IEC320 C13, IEC 320 C19, NF C61-314 (Polish) or DIN49440 (Schuko) standard.





The system enables the use of colour-coded sockets, allowing for:


  • easier organization and identification of the connected devices
  • division of sockets according to phase - especially recommended for three-phase power supply
  • differentiation of supply paths for high density installations


In addition, the BPS2000 unit can be equipped with sockets with an unplugging lock in IEC 320 C13 and IEC320 C19 standards, the purpose of which is to ensure a safe and stable connection between the power sockets in the unit and the devices being powered.


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