Passing year


The year 2017 has been elapsing  for our company with a view to new projects and interesting events.


The new line of external cabinets, telecommunication cabinets customizable in 48h, new clients , among others, Vodafone and Orange, tools supporting the work of BKT-CAD designers, a series of Technical Universities gathering several hundred of participants, implementation of the 4DC Manager System into the air traffic control tower at Kraków-Balice airport, the completion of the project for sport and entertainment hall- Gliwice Podium are just some of our successes in the last year.


We can not forget such events as Ecoc, Anga Com and Teknologia Fair in which we actively participated.


As this is the last week of our work before the Christmas holiday (23/12/17 - 01/01/18),

we wish you and ourselves many professional accomplishments and satisfaction in achieving the objectives in  the forthcoming year.


Good luck in 2018 !

BKT Elektronik team

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