We invite you to visit our stand at the SECUREX fair

BKT Elektronik is pleased to invite you to visit their exhibition stand no. 26 in pawilon 7A at the 22th International Security Fair ‘SECUREX POLAND’ between 23-26 April 2018.

At the fair, we will have the pleasure to present our Data Center and data transmission safety solutions.

  • BKT 4microDC
  • BKT 4compactDC
  • BKT 4cubeDC
  • BKT 4POLan
  • BKT NO Limit


During this event, several-minute lectures on practical use of BKT safety technologies will be held in the exhibition zone at out stand.           

23 April, Monday
12:00 – Data safety with the use of complex BKT technologies
15:00 - 100/200/300 meters: CCTV and Wi-Fi. Copper or optical fiber?

24 April, Tuesday
10:00 – Data safety with the use of complex BKT technologies
12:00 – Open PSIM platform
15:00 – Designing monitoring and facility safety systems with Voice&Detect connection systems

25 April, Wednesday
10:00 - 100/200/300 meters: CCTV and Wi-Fi. Copper or optical fiber?
12:00 – Designing monitoring and facility safety systems with Voice&Detect connection systems
15:00 – Data safety with the use of complex BKT technologies


Gifts will be given to panel discussion participants.

At the stand of BKT Elektronik, we are going to present new complex solutions provided for the Data Center and building cabling areas.

BKT 4microDC – a solution which does not require high modernization (building reconstruction) investments. It may be adopted to areas which do not serve as server rooms since all systems are integrated within one RACK cabinet. 

A complex system of a small server room based on integrated solutions including

• tight server rack,
• air conditioning unit,
• extinguishing panel,
• monitoring and access control, system,
• power distribution unit (PDU).

BKT 4compactDC – a modular and highly effective solution provided for systems of a high IT infrastructure density.

An integrated system which meets requirements of a small server room and larger Data Center facilities owing to its scalable design including:

• tight server racks,
• closed-loop high performance air conditioning system 
• extinguishing panel, power distribution system
• monitoring and access control system with emergency opening
• High Density cabling system.

BKT 4cubeDC – a solution provided for Data Center facilities based on server racks which can be used to create a cold and hot aisle, a so-called ‘cube’. It is a system for Data Center facilities equipped with standard technical infrastructure. For more efficient cooling or in the absence of a technical floor, the Cube system can be supplemented with an open-loop inter-row high performance air conditioning system.   

The system consists of:

• server racks,
• modular enclosure with a system of automatic aisle closing doors adopted to extinguishing systems,
• dedicated system of cable ducts for telecommunications cabling,
• complex power distribution and monitoring system with environmental condition control,
• access control system (RACK-CUBE),
• telecommunications cabling system,
• possible implementation of an open-loop high performance air conditioning system.

Passive Optical LAN (POLan) – a passive LAN based on the EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network) and GPON (Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network) architecture used in global optical access networks – broadband Fibre to the X (FTTX).

The system is based on the ‘point to multipoint’ architecture and the reduced number of intermediate points with active devices.

The POLan system uses passive telecommunications components such as

• distribution telecommunications cabinets (MER)
• MPO/MPT solution (G657.A1 single-mode fiber-optic cables)
• splitters (selective couplers)
• ceiling and cassette cabinets (FZB)
• SC/APC cross fiber-optic cables
• active aggregation devices (OLT)
• active terminal devices (ONT)

BKT No Limit – a cooper cabling system designed for security (CCTV), wireless network (Wi-Fi) and other systems using POE++ transmission, which can be used to send power and data even up to 10 GbE at a distance of over 120 m.

The system consists of:

• BKT.LR cables, cat. 7 22AWG
• BKT RJ45 modules, cat. 6A Keystone Jack
• BKT RJ45 pins, cat. 6A, AWG 22-24, shielded, toolless
• AVIGILON high resolution cameras

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