Building Solutions

A passive network, communication and telecommunications infrastructure is one of the crucial elements of each building project. A properly designed network infrastructure takes into consideration not only regulations of the applicable law and recommendations of standards established by international standardisation committees, but also individual requirements of the principal and end user.


A properly selected system will respond to changes, new applications and further development.
A network infrastructure built on the basis of open and modular solutions prepares it for future challenges and ensures high working efficiency.  

Modern data exchange systems require efficient cabling which uses both copper and optical fibre technologies.

The BKT Elektronik Structural Cabling System includes the best (in its class) and complete offer of products for building structural networks. It allows for quick and effective connection of network devices with network cables.

Components of the BKT Elektronik Structural Cabling System have certificates of independent European testing laboratories, GHMP, 3P and DELTA, which guarantee maintenance of constant parameters in accordance with the latest standard requirements. An ISO 9001 quality management system put in place in BKT Elektronik ensures stability and constant quality of services to meet customers’ requirements.

Moreover, the implemented ‘Certified BKT Elektronik Structural Cabling System Installer and Designer’ training program authorises its participants to design and provide cable networks with 25 years of guarantee.   


A reference list of companies and institutions using our solutions and technologies is one of the best recommendations of our company which proves the quality of services and products.

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