BTK Elektronik is a company operating dynamically on Polish and international markets. It is a leader in its industry connected with the provision of high-quality solutions, technologies and products in a shorter, more effective and economical manner than the competition.


Work in BKT Elektronik gives an opportunity to gain a thorough knowledge on a variety of issues. It allows observing different work methods in different positions. It offers a unique opportunity to participate in numerous industry training, meetings for professionals and innovative educational programmes.


For many years, we have been trying to satisfy the expectations of our employees. Therefore, we focus our efforts on achieving full harmony between the company's goals and the needs and requirements of people employed in BKT Elektronik.


Our offer comprises solutions in the scope of professional development, as well as increase of knowledge and competencies. Our aim is to allow all employees to fulfil their individual professional ambitions in compliance with the company's business plans.


An essential part of working for our company is the maintenance of work life balance. We appreciate employees who are strongly involved, supporting them on their path to professional and personal fulfilment.


Being a stable company with a wide range of clients from different countries, we are able to increase our technology resources and help our employees develop according to the latest European standards.


We apply good bonus practices, which we constantly develop and improve.


We offer private healthcare PZU Zdrowie, co-financed by the employer depending on the position and number of additional people covered by the package (family, partners). We also ensure the access to complex group life insurance.

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