Vodafone select BKT Elektronik for UK exchange renewal project


BKT Elektronik recently announced that Vodafone has selected its custom-made ODF and connectivity suite for its nationwide UK exchange renewal project.


The solution is designed from the ground up in direct response to Vodafone’s requirements for a new future-proof deployment with the added benefit of backward compatibility for installation into their legacy network. Andrew Wilson, UK and Ireland BKT Business Development Manager explains, “As a manufacturer we were able to address a very long list of disparate future-proofing requirements that Vodafone knew from experience it was going to need; something other big names were unable to match. Working closely with Vodafone our engineering excellence and ability to quickly prototype and react have been clear winners throughout.” The result is a suite of ODF frames built to house 1U and 2U 19” mini-ODFs plus a brand new splice field. All 19” components have built-in adaptability to legacy racks such as the TEP1E and Ciena 6500. “Vodafone is now very satisfied and, with our commitment to ongoing product development, set up for the foreseeable future. Our solution is also applicable in many other operator environments.”, continued Andrew.


A key aspect of the solution is that it has been built around a modular connectivity package developed by SENKO Advanced Components, BKT Elektronik’s chosen partner for high-end FO applications. This allows for rapid inter-rack installation of ruggedised FO hydra assemblies. Additionally, LC Uniboot patchcords routed on the front dramatically reduce packing density in the ODF. Radosław Charytoniuk, Export Director says, “We chose SENKO as our partner because of our shared engineering expertise and hands on approach to problem solving. SENKO’s input has been invaluable and our combined know-how and manufacturing strengths have proven an unbeatable combination. A perfect match of two very high-quality manufacturers for this and ongoing projects.” The suite is successfully being deployed across the UK.


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