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BKT EMS Environmental Monitoring System

The system is designed to monitor the basic parameters of the environment that affect the correct operation of electronic devices installed in the server room. The system controller will inform the user about the possible danger or about identified failures. The system supports many types of sensors. Its hardware and software configuration is flexible enough to enable the selection of the set to the individual needs of the user.










More than a dozen types of monitoring sensors, in addition monitoring using ping, snmp, modbus protocols.



Informing about potential failures via e-mail, sms, snmp trap and by direct control of other signalling devices.


Enhanced functionality

Programmable logic functions, time dependencies, data archiving, web interface, users with individual access rights.









EC335i controller - the newest version


The EC335i is a new controller version that will replace the existing EC335. It has a more efficient processor. It supports an SD card with a capacity of up to 512GB, on which it is possible to save measured values from the last 3 years. It can work with a dedicated battery as a backup power supply. The new controller doesn't support neither RS485 or 1-wire interfaces.


BrochureBKT EMS - System brochure10.2022
DatasheetBKT EMS - System datasheet03.2023
User manualBKT EMS - System installation and configuration manual - version 803.2023
User manualBKT EC335i - Controller quick start manual03.2023
FirmwareEC335i controller firmware - bkt-5.2.1-b20403.2023




EC335 controller - legacy version


User manualBKT EMS - System installation and configuration manual - version 609.2020
FirmwareEC335 controller firmware - bkt-2.9.0-b144 03.2023



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