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AL201 (Cobra) Electronic swinghandle



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AL201 is the next generation of electronic door handle for IT cabinets. It has a modular construction, which allows for easy expansion with additional functionalities. In the basic version, it is a mechanical handle that can be additionally equipped with an electronic opening module and an RFID card reader. The handle allows you to open cabinet doors in a standard mechanical way and through remote electrical control. It can work with any access control system. After connecting a dedicated or any reader with a Wiegand interface, the handle creates an autonomous access control system. Thanks to the installed cylinder insert, it can also be opened in an emergency using a key. Designed for use in cabinets installed indoors.






Modula construction


Mechanical handle ML201

Standard mechanical swinghandle opened with a key.

Requires a 150x25 mounting cut out.

Available cylinders with various codes and in the master key system.

Possibility of expansion to an electronic handle using the AE201 module - it does not require disassembling the handle from the cabinet door.


Electronic module AE201



Remote opening control from any external access control system.

Feedback to the access control system about opening the handle. Status indication via LED.

Three connectors for connecting control signals, an optional RFID reader and a communication bus. Power supply 10-24VDC.


Electronic handle AL201



The electronic swinghandle has all the features of a mechanical handle and the electronic module built into it.
Electronic handle AL201 Mechanical handle ML201 Electronic module AE201  








BrochureBKT AL201 - Electronic swinghandle brochure03.2024
DatasheetBKT AL201 - Electronic swinghandle datasheet 03.2024
User manualBKT AL201 - Electronic swinghandle manual - version 203.2024
User manualBKT AL201 - Electronic swinghandle quick start manual12.2023



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